Music pours out to us like a fountain in the light.  Each note can be a nourishing droplet that soothes a desert soul. It is a miracle. What if God had created a world without sound? Even if there was sound, what if we were without ears? Many things had to come together for music, which adds unique dimension to our pleasure and facilitates us connecting with others, including the Creator Himself. Music ushers us through our own maze to the veil of the Holy Place, then like incense, through the veil into His Holy Presence. Day to day our hearts grow tough with worldly concerns. A song can shift our focus immediately to a higher place. Our hearts soften in music like unfired clay softening in water. Imagine a passionate movie with lovely music.  The melodic score is needed to enable the audience to feel. In the same way music prepares us to see and hear Him. Adding music to devotional time enriches your interactions with Him.

When scripture says He, “Inhabits the praises of His people,” it reminds us that He fills the sound waves and the people making them. Our Beloved is ever present with His people, but He can abide with more density and intensity when we pull upon Him with notes of love. When the Holy Spirit is given reign to create the notes, the deeper that experience with Him becomes. Have you ever heard a congregation sing in the Spirit, each person singing what the Spirit gives them, in such a way that hundreds of worshippers harmonize with a heavenly sound like angels? It is so beautiful!

Sometimes during devotional time, I play what is known as Christian “Soaking music.” My favorite music is produced by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera. Their web site is The music is created and recorded in the Spirit during soaking sessions with believers. The pieces do not have the organized structure of music that is written before hand, but the musicians and singers have allowed the Spirit to compose through them spontaneously. If I listen to them while I am working and doing things, I find that I cannot handle the fluidity of the music, but if I listen while I am silently seeking God, without time pressure, I enter a deeper place with Him. My thoughts shift from what is worldly. I invite the Beloved and then wait. The music plays. I wait. I listen and wait more. He comes. Sometimes I whisper praises. Other times, I sing with the music. I may just be still. Many times, I feel love coming to me through the notes. If a particular track is not right for the mood of the moment, I move to the next one, and the song will begin with His tender whisper woven in.

Fellowship time can be enriched from music as well. Christians get together to have food or watch a ball game, but how often do we sing together outside of choir practice or a church service? I suggest inviting others to sing with you for God’s pleasure- no other reason. Once I invited a friend to worship with me. He played the piano. We were together just to delight the Father. It became a regular event and others joined us. A few times the Spirit took over His hands and he played dramatic pieces that he had never played or heard before. These compositions were more beautiful than I am able to describe.

When choosing devotional accompaniment, seek out music that you believe the Spirit has inspired. Sing. Play. Let your heart reach through each note. Listen for Him. Have others join you. Our Beloved is the Song of Songs. He loves music; He sings too.

“The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; He will save, He will rejoice over thee with joy; He will rest in His love, He will joy over thee with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

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