The Song of Solomon

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Beloved seeker

Beloved seeker, the Song of Solomon is a pathway to intimacy with God. Many of Christ’s followers since ancient times have recognized this. Layers upon layers of meanings are imbedded within the short love story like the layers of petals upon a rose.

Within this web page, you can access an interpretation, each verse individually examined like a pastry wrapped around a sweet delicacy. These are written in the first person as though Jesus is talking to you, the reader. This web page will have a small samples of the interpretations. Periodically the insights of new verses will be added. You will be able to choose your favorite verses to learn more by selecting the text on audio or in writing.



Avoid Distractions

I suggest that you avoid excessive distractions while reading or listening to these ideas. They are quite dense and can become overwhelming or become lost when only partially attended to. Yet also, do not expect to absorb it all. Let it flow over you like a stream. The preferable way to consume such thoughts are when soaking in the Holy Spirit with prayer and devotion. If finding such time would prevent you from partaking in this, then such an activity like listening while driving or something peaceful like weeding or knitting would be beneficial. If the Spirit begins to awaken your mind, keep eating as much scripture as you can. This way, you preserve the flow of His outpouring and receive as much as you are able. If you can contain only a small portion at a time, this is fully understandable. Different people will be able to take in different portions. Just like food, there are big eaters who need extra calories and small eaters who savor a little at a time.



Hidden Mysteries:

Heavenly Secrets from the Song of Songs

The page, which you have opened, has the capacity to lead you into a room deep within Christ’s heart, therefore move forward with reverence. The secrets revealed are precious to Him. He has brought them forth with utmost love and tenderness. Step carefully into His inner chamber, and enjoy the banquet that He has laid before you. Sing His song to Him, and listen for Him singing it back to you. He is Beauty personified. Beauty is missed by the one who is not paying attention. Therefore, be attentive and soak in the mysteries. Do not read quickly; ponder and ingest the depth of a verse deliberately, then take ample time to spend worshipping and praying that verse to Him over and over. Let it season you with its flavor. Let His love for you move into your silent zones and wrap you in comfort. Delight in the surprises that are hidden in His pages!

A constellation of stars or nebulae once appeared to people as only bright dots on black velvet. Then the Hubble telescope took pictures revealing heavenly worlds of amazing dimensions and spectrums of color enough to bring a sense of awe to the most cynical. The word of God, including the Song of Solomon, has such unexpected dimensions and color. This love song is like a garden within the word, not an overly groomed garden, but a wild one alive with God’s intense passion. Hidden within it are galaxies of flowers and fruit. Every look deeper reveals more forms of life within other forms of life. There is no end to the revelations to be found in a single verse.

“The Jews called the Song of Solomon the Holy of Holies of the Scripture….Not everyone was permitted inside its sacred enclosure. Here is where you are dwelling in the secret place of the Most High…
We need to take our spiritual shoes off when we approach this book. We are on holy ground. The Song of Solomon is like a fragile flower that requires delicate handling.” (J. Vernon McGee)

Now is the season, now, He said to me, for My bride to understand the song that I sing to her. Oh. Bride, you have waited for the mysteries that are hidden within this song. Do you long for a deeper place? Come with Me into the path of My heart; follow My map into the Holy of Holies; I have built a treasure hunt of riddles and mysteries so that you might dig and search to find Me. Should I reveal My most sensitive thoughts and most valuable works of art to anyone? Would you put your most delicate, valuable masterpiece into your barn; would you tell your secrets to those who would turn and hurt you? Surely you would not. You would place your masterpiece into a protected place and show it to those whom you trust. You would hold private thoughts close to you, until you found some one whom you were certain would protect and value them. I am as you. I have hidden My heart in a song, in poetry, saved for those willing to search for it and to pay the price of cherishing it. My heart is so deep. Will you sink into My depths where you will drown in the floods of love; where the breath you will inhale is My Spirit rather than air of the world. Thus I call to you;

“Deep calleth unto deep.” (Psalms)


Hidden Insights

(More writings will be unveiled periodically)

Chapter 1:1  “The song of song’s, which is Solomon’s.”* (KJV)


Imagine what it means for you when a God who speaks a universe into being with one word, sings with the weight of his power, a love song to you. 

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Chapter 1:2 “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.”* (KJV)

The young woman’s invitation to be kissed is her prayer, her verbal expression of yielding to him. I, too, wait to hear you ask in prayer for My kiss, to declare your willingness to be taken into My extended arms. As he initiates an embrace in response to her call, I come to you when you pray. You cannot reach Me, but I can reach you. We are joined in a tender touch when you ask Me to come apply My sacrifice upon your life. The infusion of My Spirit with yours is the kiss.

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*Narration by – Shelley Jordon – Hidden Hart Ministry

*Quotations done by – Rex Anderson

*Music by Carla Reed – Selah Ministry