We have long heard how we need to care for our body because it is the temple of God. What does this truly mean, to be a temple? We also are told in His Word that He is in us. What are the implications here? I must ask, if He is in me, what kind of atmosphere does my interior home provide Him? When He steps inside, does my inner climate bring Him the comfort of being home? Is He the light glowing on my walls? Indeed, He has chosen us for a habitation. He says,

“This is my rest forever; here will I dwell; for I have desired it.” (Psalms 132:14)

How restful can He be in here? Do I have unexamined problems piled in the corners? Is my anxiety disrupting the calm abode? How much do I welcome Him? Now do not despair; when asked, He loves to clean up the messy home and to bring peace to the troubled heart dwelling. He will even inspire the welcoming communication that He longs to hear.

I often serve couples who have become like strangers living in the same home together. They have ceased to share deeply personal thoughts and feelings. Most communication has become: “What do you want for dinner tonight? Who is going to pick up the milk?” This is how our life with Jesus can become. “Please work everything out and bring in the money we need.” We scurry about completing tasks, but we have stopped sharing our heart with Him like strangers in the same house. This need not be. He wants to know us and to be known by us.

Let us sit in quietness and enjoy His presence. He’s waiting. He waits and waits, very patiently, without complaining. Sometimes we address Him when a problem arises that we need help with. This is when we are children. When are we like a spouse who is in love?

He waits. Do we often tell Him how wonderful that He is? Do we lie our head upon His shoulder in peaceful rest like John? Do we sit down to have a heart to heart talk without interruption? Do we listen? We will fail, but He forgives each failure. We are able to return when we have been missing in the secret closet.

When Paul wrote,

” But we have this treasure in earthen vessels…” (I Corinthians 4:7)

He said a very profound idea. Within us, we have the Lover of our souls, shining radiant Light, (I Corinthians 4:6), a Lover Who is a Treasure like gold and jewels, of more value than we can measure- more than the wealth of the ages, more pure than any substance of the world, more precious than the universe- in me, in you, alive and willing to commune, willing to share His heart. And who are we? Just little earthen vessels- little pots of clay- nothing special, but filled with the most pristine Force of Life, the most impeccable Existent One, the Boundless Source. He thought us valuable enough to contain Him. Such an honor  gives value to us, the vessels, that we do not deserve, but makes us precious none the less because He values us. What are we thinking to neglect such a One? I speak to myself as well. I neglect Him so often, but reenter the prayer closet each time trusting in His blood and knowing that He helps me come again.

Trust Him to lead you into his Holy Place. Embrace His intent to bless you. Soak in His favor. Watch the candle of His flame flicking. Walk about knowing that you carry within the Beloved of all Beloveds, the King of Love. He is like a living diamond, with a crown of gifts and mercies, whom you have been honored to keep as a treasury.

Such truths are not just pleasant church ideas. They are the foundation of relationship and the meaning of living.

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