Devotion inspired by the Song of Solomon


1:1 “The Song of Songs which is Solomon’s ” (KJV)

You drift in with the Wind,
O Tune of hope and life.
Like a cello environing my empty spaces.
Song of Love,
You penetrate the darkness of human brutality.
Your Melody wraps around my secrets,
Softening my hardness,
Forming my shattered dreams into poetry.
I had forgotten how to dance
Until You awakened me with singing.
You are not just The Word, but The Song,
A Word that harmonizes all of life.
Your Notes sing my bitter heart into sweetness;
Who are You that You can reach so deep?
My anxious storm transforms into an ocean of calm
When I hear You.
How do you find me, when I’ve hidden so still?
Your canticle drifts into my cell of isolation,
Into my clandestine disappointments and fears.
What purpose brings You to me?
I listen and hear You calling me
To the rhythms of Your breath, Your heart.
Prince of my soul,
Put my internal wars to rest.
O Song of Peace,
Play until I desist my defensive stance.
Hum Your Tune in my center
Until I know You by heart;
Help me hear You clearly;
Be the theme Song of my story.

Song of Songs,
Master Song of all little songs,
You have made me one of these tiny tunes.
You are my Friend and my Prince.
Like a violin, You play favor and prosperity over me,

With well-being and safety
You serenade my pathways.
Your Music was the defense,
For the aquittal of the charges against me,
You made amends for me completely.
I will be your little song forever;
Drink of my soft notes
Until they grow more full and rich like You.
Yes, You are rich and full and deep.
Sooth me into your rest.
Let me be the piccolo in Your orchestra of wonder.
If your music were to stop playing over me
I would surely die
For You are life itself.
I could never endure the silence again.
Whistle to me as I rest
For Your lullaby is protection;
Your melody is truth;
Your notes are love;
The Song is You.
I am in awe of Your solo to me
But also of Your symphony in history,
Your concert of precious servants.
Come, Yeshua, heal this conflicted world
With Your lyrics of compassion.
Make me a hymn of Your Peace,
Sweet Prince.

1:2 “Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth, for thy love is better than wine.” (KJV)

Kiss me, O Shepherd
With Your mouth that created the stars, planets and galaxies,
Speaking them into their respective orbits.
Kiss me, O Knight, my rescuer,
With divine lips as fierce as swords
That destroyed the evil
Assailing me.

Kiss me, O Beloved, with Your mouth
That whispers consolation
Relieving all despair,
With a Word opening your holy Door,
O Friend, with Your cheek against mine
Breathe renewing power through my aching soul.

Kiss my eyes that look for You,
My lips that sing to You,
My face that opens to You,
My thoughts that invite You,
My ears that listen for You,
My nose that inhales You,
My existence that sinks into You.
Kiss me with Your saving blood;
As the kiss of life
By the lips of Truth
Within my heart of mud.

With Your pure mouth
Breathe thoughts into me
So that my rages
And storms exhale
For You delight me
Like good wine;
You birth laughter
Entirely free

For Your gift of blood is my precious wine
Bountiful, delicious,
Rich and gracious,
Kind and generous wine.

I will cherish each sip,
Enjoy each swallow,
Savor Your flavor,
Your prosperous favor.

Kiss me with hope;
Let Your perfect tenderness
Kiss my sorrow;
Let Your wisdom kiss me
With truth
Cover my errors under Your lips
Of integrity
That I may forget all else.
My Beloved,
My Lord, my Life,
Kiss me again, my Treasure,
My Song, my Cherished one.
Come again, that I may kiss You too,
My Hero, my King, my Betrothed.