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To help individuals draw deeper to God in Christian walk
To help Christians live out the two commandments of love
To impart revelations from the Song of Solomon
To assist the bride of Christ in preparing for her feast and wedding

Services available:

Individual appointments for prayer and ministry, Kirkland, WA
Receive prayer on-line
Small meetings of believers to draw near to Him and minister to Him, Kirkland, WA
Services to the poor to be developed through donations
Teaching on the Song of Songs
Education in developing a deeper devotional life.

What you can do

Practice love, including devotions that minister to the Master
Pray for us to have guidance, blessing and protection
Read the blogs and practice the suggestions as you are lead by the Spirit
Increase your service to the poor, sick, imprisoned, persecuted, and all manner of those suffering
Purchase audio and written teachings on the Song of Songs as they are made available
Inform others whom you think would benefit by the blog/teachings


Make donations, even as a monthly partner if you choose.
(Donations are not tax deductible)
Donations will support
Time to devote to the blog
Time for prayer and counseling to seekers
Services to the poor and suffering
Book publication of Hidden Mysteries: Heavenly Secrets from the Song of Songs

Contact Information


(206) 354-5508

Mailing Address:

Hidden Hart Ministry
PO Box 75731
Seattle, WA 98175

Office Address:

Shelley Jordan
12530 128th Lane NE
Kirkland, WA 98034