Whisper some words of praise. Remind Him that He said whatsoever you ask, you shall receive it. Ask Him to come, confirm His presence, take over your time together; now wait. Breath. Listen for Him. If your mind wanders, with closed eyes imagine His eyes and fix yours upon His expectantly. Let spiritual ears listen for His voice; His breath. Wait; surrender; expect for Him to show up for your appointment. Wait in silence. You might feel the edge of heaven just out of reach. You may feel nothing. Be patient. There is beauty in silence. Your wait may be long or short. When you think that He is near, begin with whatever He gives you to say or do. Do not underestimate the value of the quiet. Within the quiet your neurons rest, thinking clears,  health improves, the Spirit moves.

Beloved who has entered my silence to nourish me so many times, come to the soul who reads and tries this.

Environ their longing.

Whisper sweet consolations into their sorrow.

Give them an encounter filled with mercy, in Your name Good Shepherd, Lord Jesus.

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