Take time to be with Him.  

How do we know someone whom we don’t spend time with? Very few Christians  allot time to their Lord Jesus, even pastors, priests and preachers, so if you haven’t been doing so, you are among many of His followers. Yet I ask, if we were commanded to love Him with all our heart, mind, body, and strength, then He should have the first choice to time that He gave us, should He not? As the writer, I am hypocritical for I often fail to spend time with Him that I know He wants. That said, let us not give up devoting everything to Him, including the moments ticking by.

One can be with Him during daily activities and also set aside minutes or hours just for Him alone. Picture Him walking with you everywhere you go and speak to Him often. When you are in the car, in bed, or showering, speak to Him about what’s on your mind, but even more precious to Him is time that you set aside just for Him. The length of time depends upon what you think that He wants. Choose some time of the day and consecrate it to Him.

People tell me that they don’t have time to do this, but they manage to watch TV or go out with friends. Is He not a precious friend? Yes, we live in a very rushed culture where we are hurrying to do essentials. We feel under pressure. My suggestion may seem like too much to ask. It is especially hard for people raising small children because the children’s needs can interrupt anything. It is also a struggle for people who work very long hours most days of the week. Just give this a try even if it’s only a few minutes  a day. God will be blessed.

Finally, consider time. It is what we are given by Him on this earth. Giving Him back what He gave to us increases its value. I can look back over my life and the memories are positive or negative depending on whether God was in the picture. When I was in communion with Him, the memories give me greatest joy. Memories when I rebelled against Him grieve me.

Those things that you do out of love will last and give eternal meaning to your life. Things that are done for sensation, materialism, fear or status will vanish behind like it never happened.  This will help you make your life count for something.


Prayer: Dear Lord, how often I am hurried. How often I am distracted away from time with You. In this moment, I consecrate this time to You. Draw near and pray through me, Holy Spirit, all that needs to be said.  Amen

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