Kind reader, you have ventured thus far. Perhaps you followed my suggestions or you already have a habit of devotion. This is wonderful. Many individuals reading intended to give time and space to our Beloved, but haven’t yet done so. Some feel a little bit guilty that they have not done more. If this is you, be cheered. You have the Holy Spirit to help you!
Please do not make this blog a rule book. Seeking God has no formula. Although the Bible tells us many ways to give to Him, what action to choose, and when, is left for the seeker with the Spirit’s guidance to determine. David sang and danced; Jacob wrestled; Elijah waited for the still small voice. In other words, our God does not want robots that ritually just do what is told them to do. He wants relationship which is dynamic and must be heartfelt. Our hunger for Him stirs us, even compels us, into a quest for experience with Him. Because of His longing for honest relationship, the law was never enough.
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux wrote in the 1100s to, “Knock on the door of ardent longing.”
“Ardent” is,

“Warmth of passion or desire … strong enthusiasm or devotion; fervent; zealous … glowing….fierce … hot as fire; burning.” (American Heritage Dictionary)

Yes, knock on the Door of Promise, the Door of the Sheepfold, the Door who is Jesus with intensity like fire. Release your longing without self criticism. God is the One whom we can caste our neediness upon without guilt for He likes us to give Him every need.
Are we able to force Him to respond to us? Do we have the reach to grab Him? No, our search is always too weak, too empty, too finite.
So why seek Him at all? We seek Him because He is compassionate and He is able to reach us. His mercy responds, not because He has to, but because He wants to bridge the divide between us. He sees the seeker weeping and touches her tear stained cheek; He whispers into her ear. Remember this, dear soul, we always come to God based upon His goodness, not ours; the credit for the connection is always His.

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