Love School


Ever wonder what we are doing on this planet? Jesus answered this question when He told us to love God with all our heart and soul, and love our neighbor as ourself. I tell people that we are in Love School. The assignments are sometimes full of joy and other times break our hearts. Love School assignments can take us on a roller-coster of emotion. Every person that we encounter, every struggle, every option presents us with multiple choices that move us through our education in giving and receiving love. Learning to love does not create people who are weak suckers, but strong-hearted and courageous givers. If you have wondered what you can do to make your life worthwhile, to avoid wasting it, invest in love. Doing so will fulfill your destiny.

Prayer: Beloved Lord, I fail everyday to fully love you and My neighbor, but You are love. It is your will that I love, so Beloved Source of all love, fill me generously with your presence and pour through me, so I will have love to give. Come, pour through me, Stream of Kindness, Fountain of Generosity, Ocean of Tender Mercy. Let me treasure others. Let me adore You through Christ my Lord. Amen.

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