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March 2016

Music is a fountain

Music pours out to us like a fountain in the light.  Each note can be a nourishing droplet that soothes a desert soul. It is a miracle. What if God had created a world without sound? Even if there was sound, what if we were without ears? Many things had to come together for music, which adds unique dimension to our pleasure and facilitates us connecting with others, including the Creator Himself. Music ushers us through our own maze to the veil of the Holy Place, then like incense, through the veil into His Holy Presence. Day to day our hearts grow tough with worldly concerns. A song can shift our focus immediately to a higher place. Our hearts soften in music like unfired clay softening in water. Imagine a passionate movie with lovely music.  The melodic score is needed to enable the audience to feel. In the same way music prepares us to see and hear Him. Adding music to devotional time enriches your interactions with Him.