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December 2014

Knock with Ardent Longing

Kind reader, you have ventured thus far. Perhaps you followed my suggestions or you already have a habit of devotion. This is wonderful. Many individuals reading intended to give time and space to our Beloved, but haven’t yet done so. Some feel a little bit guilty that they have not done more. If this is you, be cheered. You have the Holy Spirit to help you!
Please do not make this blog a rule book. Seeking God has no formula. Although the Bible tells us many ways to give to Him, what action to choose, and when, is left for the seeker with the Spirit’s guidance to determine. David sang and danced; Jacob wrestled; Elijah waited for the still small voice. In other words, our God does not want robots that ritually just do what is told them to do. He wants relationship which is dynamic and must be heartfelt. Our hunger for Him stirs us, even compels us, into a quest for