Set a feast of scripture before God Himself, so that He can dine upon His own delicious ideas. Like preparing Him His favorite recipes, pray His words back to Him. Each word He has spoken is powerful. Know the words of the Bible and use them. Memorize verses individually or just reread them over and over, then say them as your own. When He gave promises, state the promises as yours. When His saints prayed in the Bible, use their phrases. For example, use Psalm 91 for protection from evil by putting in your name and the names of loved ones who “Dwell in the secret place of the Most High.” In such a way, honor Him; grip hold of what He has spoken by imbibing in a meal with Him. What relationship can we enjoy if we do not listen to the One whom we adore? We all want to be heard. Even Jesus wants to be understood. When we pray back the words spoken to us, we affirm that we have listened and we make an appeal that is acceptable. The Lord’s prayer was given to us as a fully acceptable, worthy prayer, but how often do we speak it? Say it regularly, meditating carefully on the meanings of the words. Such practices will empower your prayer life. Proclaim His statements with the authority of one who has been given a legal document from a Judge; establish your claim on victory and health. Set your banquet of praise and thanksgiving with petitions and appeals, with shouts and whispers, with singing and quietness, with a contrite spirit  yet steadfast confidence in His word. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

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