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January 2016

Intimacy with God

We all come before God in our own way. Some read the Word; others write their prayers. The blog today is a simple outline of approaches that will be further discussed in future blogs. When I have practiced these as the Spirit leads me, I have experienced the sweetness of His Presence in tangible ways. Sometimes I have felt deeply loved; other times beauty covered everything; He often gives me a shake or a feeling of spiritual water passing through me. Especially soothing is the sense of rich spiritual oil easing my anxiety. Time can lapse without my awareness.  He may whisper a phrase or remain quiet. I might receive an image of myself doing something that He has planned. Every way that He comes is good and lovely. He comes to some people with clear imagery and to others, speaking at length. Sometimes He is present, but cannot be felt. Other times His peace simply rests in the room.

I encourage you, pursue Him so