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December 2015


I had intended to enter a belated Thanksgiving blog, but My Blessed Friend asked me to enter this poem, a prayer, that I wrote to Him several years ago. He is our Truth and our Light. Hear how He prevails.

Sing, good Truth, Your ancient song;

Fashion stunning weapons to obliterate wrong;

Transform the weak to prevail over the strong;

Chase memories down corridors where they do not belong.


Shine Light, dear Truth; open eyes of the blind;

Tear up masks that the mind

Meticulously painted to hide behind;

Unveil the faces that you find.


Truth, steal kisses within the breast

Where dread and beauty spar and rest.

Shatter holes in images, putting dreams to savage test;

Create a blinding paradox to drive the soul into a quest.


Truth, whisper honesty at an