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October 2015

Praise Him Even When Your Heart Is Breaking

At times, we endure heart crushing experiences. Our mind is sent reeling. While thoughts swim in a sea of words with no focus, we struggle to function in small tasks. The pain twists our heart like a wet rag. Everything that we thought our life to be is thrown into question. Every task seems useless, every encounter painfully empty. Nothing seems worth enduring. Sorrow … anguish … longing threaten to shut us down. Who do I think that I am to suggest praise at such times?

This is the challenge of a believer. When all goes horribly wrong, has God turned against us? When life has morphed into a bad dream, has God left us to fend for ourselves? Some will dare to suggest that such experiences will not happen to a faithful follower, but Biblical and historical accounts of suffering saints tell us that even favored friends of God can suffer such grief. Saint like followers have one thing in common. They do not cease