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September 2015

Faith is a muscle

Seeking God to know Him is like climbing a mountain. The assent appears impossible, but we have ropes. These ropes are the words of the Bible, which we hoist ourselves upon, trusting that they will bear our weight. Faith is the muscle that we flex, which is increasingly strengthened by practice. When we are dangling at an unsafe height and afraid of falling, we must hang tightly upon the ropes, the word, with the muscle of our faith, and seek the toe holds that He provides from His mercy. He wants us to ascend Him, to know His ways, His paths and His mercies, so He provides a way for us to wrestle up the giant Rock, which is Himself. We know Him more when we personally encounter His majesty, ascend to behold His Face, then experience His view of all things. The beauty is unspeakable: the trees, streams, cliff faces, clouds and scenic landscapes instill a hunger for more glimpses of stunning holiness, driving us up His

Let your words of praise be like kisses on the face of God.

How do we show love to a God who has no needs? What can we offer? Praise and worship is our gift. When I am in prayer, I like to take time to remind Him of what He means to me. I will say “Praise God,” and “Hallelujah,” but I find that He will often respond to more personal acknowledgements of His goodness, such as “You are sweet like the springtime!” or “You are fresh as a rain upon dry ground.” When I can honestly consider His wonderful qualities, reflecting upon things He has done and showing Him that I ponder them, He is blessed and draws near. Think about all that He has created and what He has done to save us. Tell Him what you think about these things as though He were sitting in front of you. Worship and praise deepens devotional time, sometimes ushering us into the Holy Place.