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July 2015

Create a space to commune with Him

Create a space to commune with Him

What I suggest in our search for devotion with our Beloved is a private place that enables the seeker to escape the chaos of social input. Do your best to be alone with Him. This could be very difficult for those who live in crowded, small places, but the space within you can always be a secret place of sharing with the Spirit.

Devotion time does not rigidly have to be in the same place. My two preferable spaces are my office at work and a prayer room that I had consecrated at home.

At work, I am able to close my door and control my time, which many cannot do. Some people tell me that they sit in their car for a while after work to get a little quiet time. In a car, some people play uplifting music while they pray.

At home, my prayer room has lovely crosses, myrrh scented